Dynamic Names for Numbered Lists by User

So, I have attempted to explore the concept of allowing users the ability to change the property that updates the display name for a numbered list, and I can't quite figure out how to make it unique to each users' preference.

For example, I am looking at a hierarchy and I want to know how the people roll up then click a button/check a boolean, etc. and have the model now show the primary assignment of the person in the same place.

I am aware that I can increase width and build both into the name, add a set of columns holding the given information they are trying to look for, manipulate for all users, but not for an individual user.

The current work around: Create a module, apply users and the given list to the module, add the booleans and a line item with a formula with all the given naming options you would like, concatenate, and have a column that shows their unique selection, list has a default naming system such as always people, an ID/Concatenated name, or w/e the  system needs.

Alternatively, having everyone on the team managing the same boolean and refresh the dashboard as soon as they update to maintain that view until they reload or leave the page.

Anyone have any better ideas?



  • @obriegr 

    The challenge, as you've found, is display name is a list property so it is not possible to dimension this by anything other than the list. There is also no concept of a top level for the Users list


    One thing that comes to mind, is to have a module dimensioned by the list and users where they enter their preferred name.  This might work if the downstream modules are view only; it is a technique we used to filter data before the users lists came out


    Then in downstream modules, copy the 'Applies To', to all line items (replace the '-').

    Now add Users to the module 'Applies To'.  This will set all line items to Subsidiary Views; hence why it will only work for view only

    Then add and dimension a line item to pull in the "name" from the first module.

    You need to do it this way to ensure the previous line item resolves; it is not enough to set it as a subsidiary view (because of the lack of top level)

    You'll need to set all other line items to exclude the users lists; so subsidiary views

    You then set the format width for the main list to 6, so it is effectively invisible






    As mentioned, this might not work in all cases, but it is an option and will work for all lists, not just numbered, because you are ignoring the display name

    Alternatively, for cells you need to write to, you will need to dimension them by user; but that will increase the size of the modules

    I hope that gives you some food for thought