GL code mapped to COS and OH's

Hi All, 


I am trying to import actuals using GL mapping into a P&L module ( Target). 


The issue is some GL codes map to both COS as well as OH's. 


The source module is dimension-ed per below:


Actuals Data.JPG



One of the stations is a dummy airport and holds all overhead costs. So for example, GL 01 relating to expense A is imported correctly for all airports with the exception of the dummy. Expense A if present in dummy location should be using an alternate mapping to redirect the costs to COS.


Mapping module is dimension-ed per below


GL mapping.JPG


Target module

Group P&L.JPG


Thanks for your inputs.





  • Hi,


    Usually, to map to a P&L, you are going to need two dimensions:

    - the nature of the expense

    - the cost center

    The salary of sales is going to COS, the salary of Finance is going to G&A.

    So to do this, we usually do the mapping module over this two dimensions, and then in your GL module you can double LOOKUP to bring the correct mapping.


    If your ledger data is already structured in a pre-arranged P&L way, which seems to be your case, you can work exception wise: IF NOT Exception Station THEN Account mapping.'map to 1' ELSE Account mapping.'map to 2'.

    (That formula in your GL module).