Level 1 Model Building Course Instructions




In completing the Level 1 Model Building certification I noticed, what appear to be inconsistencies or errors in the instructions and I would like to highlight these all here as they caused me issues when sitting the certification test.


Hope they are valid issues and a reply to this topic helps students navigate around them!


1. Part 7: Importing to Modules

In the activity of Importing into Modules there is a CSV file named Employees.csv and the date formats are not recognised by the importing tool. There didn't seem to be an option to choose from using the Import function. Did anyone else experience this and what was the proposed solution? This causes major problems as it's used to populate a systems module


2.  Part 12: Dashboards - creating saved views

Under the section "Activities: Create Saved Views" there are instructions to create a saved view for REP02 module. The dimension "Size" is missing from the saved view "REP02: Chart DB".

Again this caused confusion in sitting the test section later on.


3. Part 12: Dashboards - "Add Location and Product Page Selectors to Dashboard"

There is a picture of the "Page Selectors" already added however there is no instructions on the how to add these. Not sure if this is intended to be a trial and error process or a video is missing?









  • Hi @Ryan8219 


    Thanks for sharing! 

    When I completed the course I didn't make a note of any issues I found but it's great you've made a detailed list! 

    I'm not sure if there is a specific area on community to give feedback around errors found in the training programs but maybe @emilydunn  could point us in the right direction? 





  • @Ryan8219 ,


    On the importing of data to the modules, that does work correctly and is designed for exactly this scenario.  Essentially, the activity is making sure you (the model builder) knows different formats for data can be uploaded to Anaplan.  The real takeaway is for standardization among the Date formats, from a clients perspective.  Take a look at the screenshots below.






    Also, which I believe is stated in the help, you need to make sure to understand what row the header data begins as well as the where the data begins.



    As for your other points, I saw those as well (including other issues) that I will be sending to the team to correct.





  • @usman.zia - Thanks for the heads up!

    @Ryan8219 - please submit your feedback to our Academy team (academy@anaplan.com). They appreciate the feedback and will work with you to insure the course is corrected.

  • Thanks for the solution to the Date import, I missed that format option!

  • @emilydunn thanks for that. I have e-mailed those issues across.

  • Appreciate providing me with the contact @usman.zia  

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    @Ryan8219  and team

    On point 3. Part 12: Dashboards - "Add Location and Product Page Selectors to Dashboard", the instruction says to add Product Page Selector, but the screen in the instruction shows Chocolate (which can appear in Product Families and Product).  

    For the purpose of this course, should the selection be Product Families or Product?