Level 1 Model Building SYS08 Employee Details Import Issue



We are asked to import Emloyees.csv into SYS08 Employee Details and I am unable to get the names in the list to match on the names in the employees list that I already have in. I checked and I have the data type as "Text" listed within the SYS08 module, and the .csv has the data in that column listed as "General". I also tried changing that to "Text"; neither work. I can do it manually but it will take a long time.


Is there something I'm missing or should consider?




Import Problem.PNG



  • Hi,


    in the first tab, Mapping, which field are you using to map the Employee ? You should be using the code, not the name.

  • Thanks for the response. Here are some more screenshots:


    This first one shows the mapping that corresponds to the screenshot from the original post.




    This second one, I believe, follows how you are implying I should be mapping.


    Mapping2.PNGThis third one shows what I see when I use the Mapping set up from the second screenshot. It still doesn't seem to be working. 




    What am I missing? Thanks in advance!

  • Hi,


    #E2 Employee is a number list, so we can't use the name for mapping. We should use code for the import.


    Your mappings are right, please download the file again and try to load it.



    Vignesh M 

  • your mapping is correct here.
    The reason why it is not working is probably because your employee list doesn't have the code set up (you might have missed it when creating it). Re import the employee list with the code and it will work
  • Here is a screenshot of my employee list, where you can see that each employee does have a code associated with them. Do you recommend that I clear out this list and attempt to repopulate it?



  • no that's the right code.
    But you can see in the data you have, the code is not 001 but 1, so Anaplan cannot match it.
    That usually happens when you open the CSV file with excel and save it, then import the saved CSV. Re-download the CSV from the training and reload that file, without opening/saving in Excel
  • That appears to have done the trick - good catch. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like now that it has successfully uploaded and matched the codes:Solution.PNG

  • Hi Team,
    I am able to import the data but getting below error, could anyone help me on this...


    SYS08 Error.png


  • @anihnmails 


    On the mapping for the import, are you using "Code" as the source for the #E2 Employees target?  If using the Employees column, this will not map to items in the target list as it is a numbered list and the employee name is for display purposes only (the actual list element is a number value assigned within Anaplan).  When importing data it is generally best to use a code value if one exists, names can change but a code value should remain constant. 

  • Star

    Hi @VIGNESH.M , @RobinSilk , team

    Below is the mapping of the line items and the Grid View after loading.





    1)  The Code cells are blank.  What item should be mapped to Code?

    2)  Are Code, Name, Department, Country, Start Date, Leave Date, Current Salary, Commission % supposed to be in Rows or Columns?  

         In the Model downloaded as per training activity, these are displayed as Columns.  Wondering if there are any steps missing at this point or are there future activities that result in these being displayed as Columns.



  • @Star 


    The code should be derived via a formula, no source items need to be mapped to the "Code" line item for the import.   The code is related to the #E2 Employees list, you will need to use the appropriate formula to return the CODE for a list ITEM.


    To your second question, you can change the view of a module by selecting Pivot, moving the elements and then saving the view as default.  From a functionality perspective, it doesn't matter if the items are in rows or columns (the calculations will work regardless).  The question you must ask yourself is: what view makes the data easiest to read (Line Items in Columns is likely the best bet here). 


    Hope this helps! Shout if you have any more questions.

  • Star
    Thanks for explaining.
    Essentially, at this loading stage, the Code should be blank until further activities, correct?
    Yup, pivoting did the trick 🙂

  • @Star  That's correct.  You should see some additional instruction in the "Activities: Enter System Module Formulas" section later in the course.

  • Star
    Thanks so much, @Tiffany.Rice 🙂
  • Hi Tiffany,


    I was stuck with this too and I'm at a similar stage in the training. So the output in the screenshot above which @Star has shared is correct?


    Also, I populated the code line item with a name and the only way to fix it was by deleting the line item and inserting a new Code line item again in the module. I reimported again by not ignoring code in the mapping (not sure if this step was required again though).

    Thank you.

  • @JaredDolich @Akhtar.shahbaz  can you guys help on this one too pls? Thank you Sirs 😊



     I am also getting the same error. Did you find any solution?




  • DianaP

    I am also having an issue with Employee Details upload, see my upload screens below.  The upload includes errors.  Please help I am not sure what I am doing wrong.













  • @DianaP 


    Appears it may be a mapping issue on the Start Date line item, likely you need to update the Custom Mapping on that field so that the format in the import is set to match the file. See screenshot below to illustrate.Custom Start Date Mapping.PNG

  • DianaP

    That worked perfectly!! - Thanks!

  • Hi guys, 


    I am tryin to pass my L1 Model building and have the same problem the code of the E2 employee list doesn't match the CSV SYS08 Employee Details . 

    In the list you will see that I have a code 1 and When I open the CSV i also have the code 1 but when I import teh csv on anaplan it becomes 001 and I don't understand why ? 


    Can someone help me please ? 


    Capture d’écran 2021-01-13 à 20.29.12.png

    Capture d’écran 2021-01-13 à 19.56.23.png

    Capture d’écran 2021-01-13 à 19.56.36.png


  • Hi,


    For E2 Employees# mapping, have you selected the Fixed Item?


    Thank you


  • Thanks, I have issues to import the start date and leave date too. I think custom mapping for start date & end date is the resolution to my issue, but I can't find the custom mapping when I import.

    Below are my screenshots. Will anyone help? Thanks.




    below is the error screenshots:



  • Thank you very much! It really helped and worked perfect!
  • Hi,

    I think there is an issue with instructions:

    It should have been made clear in the L1 course that for SYS08 you are expected to populate values A,B,C. Values D,E come via a formula.

    Fields like Active? should be ignored - No one mentions this

    Infact the formulas should have come up first and then data import.

    Also there is no where in the instructions that you have to do custom date mapping

    I spent roughly an hour trying to figure out where am I going wrong. Luckily I across this thread and I see I am not the only one.

  • Zhanat
    Entirely agree with you as tasks is not always giving the right sequence of actions to do, so that we are facing with the same errors/system messages while following them. Thankfully, there are a lot of learners who has raised this issues to community in the past which I find really helpful!
  • are you saying to re download and import in E2 employee# list or in the SYS08 employee details module ? I tried to redownload and uploaded in the SYS08 employee details module without opening the file ,this method is not working

  • Thanks, the second one works!
  • Hello,


    Regards to this Import Issue, I imported Employees.CSV file successfully. The data populated in Target is as shown in the image attached here. Code field is also populated with Employee Name. Is that correct? How can I retain code 001 002? 




  • I Got the answer for the above question. After adding formula to the Code, it will populate code value.