dynamic Version selection through anaplan connect


Hi team,

how to select version dynamically through -mappingproperty in anaplan connect .

or is there any other option to select version dynamically.

I have used the mappingproperty previously but through hard-coding of version in the batch file.

So please suggest me the better solution



Ritu K.

Best Answer

  • ben_speight

    If you try to run an import with one or more "ask at runtime" mappings in the import definition, you should get a message that tells you what -mappingproperty parameters are required.


    Setting the version the script uses dynamically sounds like a scripting question, and I guess the answer depends where the value will be coming from, and whether you're using a shell shell or a Windows batch file - if the latter then you can prompt the user for a value using something like "set /P version=Enter version", then use the %version% variable later in your command line.



  • Risk

    Hi ben_speight,


    Can you please tell me how to fetch version from Anaplan model as i have declare the line item to store a current version .