Hey Everyone,


I have been doing some digging around the Anaplan community surrounding HyperConnect. Our company currently uses Anaplan Connect for all of our integrations, but as we role out additional use cases, I am wondering if we need to look at a different approach.


Does anyone have any personal experience using hyperconnect? What are some of the benefits/drawbacks? Did it help decrease dependency on IT for scheduling and integration setup (specifically setting up and scheduling integrations between Anaplan models)?


All thoughts are greatly appreciated!


  • Hi,


    I'll start with one thing: on the Anaplan side, every connector will allow you to do the same thing, no more, no less, limited by what the capacity of the API (doc here)


    Hyper connect specifically will provide you connectors to many other software and a web interface to set them up, schedule the loads, even between models. So I would say yes, it could reduce your dependency on IT, if you can access HyperConnect and master it (trainings are available, Anaplan can help you schedule your first actions and then you can reproduce).


    With AC, the scripting is usually easy enough but accessing the server and scheduler itself might not be authorized or simple.

  • Hi @mooreta 


    I completely agree with what @nathan_rudman has expertly suggested!


    But it would be great to know the issues you are currently facing and why you are looking to change the way you import data? 


    Also I was at CPX London yesterday and I heard talks about improvements coming the currently Anaplan API soon.