Time Setting - Tertial date formatting


I have a case where I am not going to use quarters, instead I need to split the FY into 3 periods (consisting of 4 month each/ tertial). Does anyone have experience with this and, can recommend a way to set this up? 




  • @Stig ,


    Probably the best way to do this is use a combination of both "Real Time" and "Fake Time".  Have all of your calculations be in real time, but use the Fake Time list for all dashboarding/UI presentations.  In order to do this, create your fake time list which mirrors your real time (all the months with the same name), but instead of 4 quarters, you have 3.  Then have a mapping module mapping real time (months) to the fake time months.  Then, with fake time, it is just an aggregation of the fake months to the 3 parents.


    Hope this helps,



  • Perfect, thanks @rob_marshall !