Level 2 Model Building: SYS08 Incorrect Data Population


I encountered an issue with my SYS08 module in which the data isn't being reflected the way it should. Products are not correctly population under their parent, instead they are put in at the bottom as shown in this screenshot:


incorrect population.PNG


This leaves the "parents" blank:




I have tried rerunning processes 1 and 2 (responsible for building and populating hierarchies), and it hasn't fixed the issue. Any ideas?


Furthermore, if you look at the first screenshot, Nutzo Bar_EN says it is supplied by "New York". This seems wrong. Perhaps this will be resolved once the data is correctly in the module.



  • @RobinSilk ,


    What does the action look like where you are pulling the data from?  What does the view look like from the data hub?





  • Thanks for the response. Here is what the view looks like from the Data Hub:


    Import View.PNG

  • @RobinSilk ,


    And the Action?



  • I'm not sure what the best way to show the action is that gives the most insight into it. Here I highlight the source label:Action.PNG


    Here are all the relevant imports:


    Relevant Imports.PNG

  • @RobinSilk ,


    No, the actual mapping within the action.

  • not this action. The import is two action: 1 create the list, 2 import the data. You need to open the action 1.5 and change the parent mapping in there, rerun it
  • Okay, should I be setting SKU Flat as the parent here?



  • no. Where are the SKU located ? that will be the parent
  • I dug a little deeper and found that in both 1.5 and 1.6 I was using "RS - Level 2 Data Hub Start / 'SYS12 SKU Details'.Build SKU", but in 1.6 I need to be using "RS - Level 2 Data Hub Start / 'SYS12 SKU Details'.Build SKU". I think this might be the fix to the issue. The only problem is that the second Source Label is too long and I am receiving this error message: