Action on numbered list


I have created a numbered list and an action to add new items. Is there a way to ask the submitted to add a textfield so the new list item doesn’t appear under a List id number?


  • Hi @Michael.downer 


    Currently there is no option to create a display name entry with an action button for a numbered list item creation. 


    It is possible via an import process if the display name is a property that is imported as the list item is created. 


    I hope this helps!





  • Hi,


    In case you create new items one by one, when creating the action "Create..." you can choose a dashboard to open when the action is run.

    In this dashboard you will publish a module dimensioned by the list in which you have added the new item;

    The view should have applied a filter on the new items (or those with BLANK Display Name property) and a line item in which you can input the name to display for those items.

    Then you should run a process to copy the text from the module to the list or link the property in the list to the module line item via formula.

    Anyway, to avoid showing the #ID on items without a Display Name, you can apply a formula in the list property that references the module explained above, and in case of blank you can put a default name.





  • The way I see the solution of your task is to change your process from creating new item in numbered list to import action (to this numbered list).


    You can create module that contain automaticaly calculating new code and text field for display name.

    Action do import in your numbered list and add new item with code and manually entered display name. 

  • I agree with all the points above

    Sometimes, you need to adjust the "process" to achieve the most streamline approach and educate/inform the user.

    Using a standard import process allows you to have more actions running as well as validations to ensure that invalid entries are not created (using a filtered view or DCA).  You can't stop the process from being run, but you can prevent items being adding during the process