Use Create and Delete branch actions on BOARD in new ux


In a board, we cannot configure the actions created using 'create' and 'delete branch'. Is there any way to do it?


  • Have you looked into the "Forms" functionality?  If you add a card of type "Action", and then select the "forms" option it allows you to add items to a list using a form type setup. Also as an alternative to the form, a process can be created to add items to a list and that published to the dashboard.  


    For the delete functionality, while there is not an explicit option, you can create a boolean line item called "Delete" in a grid you have published, then create a process to delete if the boolean is checked, and publish that as an action on the grid.  


    Hope this helps.  Screenshot below. 




  • Misbah



    You can't directly publish these on Boards. Instead go to Worksheets and create FORM based Actions. And then go back to Boards and Use FORM actions. 

  • @Misbah 


    I am not sure I got this right, can you please elaborate?


    Do you mean using the 'Configure Worksheet Actions' option to create a form?


    If yes, how is it different from 'Configure Actions' option available in Boards?



  • Misbah



    Yes I meant to do it from Worksheets when this reply was posted. But this thread is few months old and NUX has changed since then.


    Now you can create FORMS from Boards as well.


    Hope that clarifies