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Hi everyone!

I'm trying to explore Financial Consolidation - IFRS app by Anaplan.

I see this app as a source of supreme value for one of my clients. 

However, I'm a little bit confused of its complexity. As for now I understand the general logic of the model, but I'd like to get enlighten into step-by-step user experience with some more explanations on key controls and set-ups. Sadly that the model of such complexity does not contain step-by-step guidance. It would be useful for lots of users.

Do we have a detailed walk-through on this demo model? Maybe someone could explain in details how consolidation rules and properties are updated, and how elimination of transactions actually execute here?

Thank you!



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    @DavidSmith Can you please guide him!




  • Hi,


    In my opinion, most of the complexity of this model comes from the fact that it is designed to installed and administrated from the dashboards by end users. The actual logic of the consolidation itself is "classic".

    All you really have to do is set up the chart of accounts, the legal entities and partners, the investment register, load the TB and it should run.


    This model does not fit all cases but it does fit a good number.


    I could not find an official video of a walk through but I did one a year ago internally that I could share with you. Can you reach out to me, we can see who in Anaplan can help you the most depending on your region (I'm in APAC).

  • I'd agree with Nathan's comments completely.  The complexity of the App is mainly down to it being extremely configurable rather than what's going on in the calculation layer.


    It's probably not detailed enough but I see the old (all of four years...) demo video is still on YouTube here  If nothing else you can get nostalgic for the old Anaplan branding...

  • I did that video 🙂
    content mostly still holds true
  • ranwar

    HI All,


    We are struggling with Financial consolidations. We have a fairly simplistic revaluation. We have set up pretty much everything that's needed in terms of set up and all we really want is to be able to revalue the foreign entity balance sheets. Checking interco. matches etc.  would be a bonus.


    Any help welcome.

  • @nathan_rudman Hello, I wactched that video and this model is exactly the type of solution we are looking for. However, I can no longer find the link to this model. Do you know where one could find it? Thanks!