User Access New UX


Hi, I was wondering if there an option in the new UX to manage the access rights of the Boards / Sheets. 

For example (like in the standard UX):

  • Define landing page per role
  • Restrict users from opening certain Boards / Sheets


  • Same question here. I don't see anywhere that you can restrict/grant access to certain pages/apps for a particular user role. This would be a large setback from the current dashboard designer, which obviously lets you customize model roles to only view certain dashboards.


    It appears that the new UX defaults to giving access to anyone who has access to the underlying models/modules on a page, which effectively makes it quite difficult to control which users have access to certain information and pages.


    Hopefully this is something they are working on, but it would be nice to get an update from someone on the design team.

  • Same issue here.  This poses a huge security issue for us as there are modules which have confidential employee information that we manage within the current dashboards of the model where certain selective access and DCA do not work for.


  • @ruben.opdenakker - sure you're aware but you can disable boards/sheets based on user role, click page options and then restrict access



    and on the homepage element worth getting behind this suggestion...



  • Hi, I'm a page builder but don't see that Page Options dropdown. What access do I need to see that?

  • @vazqulu1  it changed a little now from @andrewtye  print-screen... You need to enter in design of a page..and the Page options are shown there like this: 





  • Thanks, I found it!