Decimal points dropping off amounts when uploading data file


I am uploading a .csv file with amounts that have dollars and cents.  Whether the columns in my module are set to use decimal places or not, it is not recognizing the cents.  1633.34 shows up like 163334 when no decimal places are formatted and 163334.00 when I use 2 decimal places.  Is there a way to see the amounts in the module with the decimal place correctly showing?

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  • DavidSmith


    A couple of things to watch


    1. If you are saving from excel, ensure that the format is specifically forcing it to 2dp.  I recommend not using any delimiter for thousands.  I've seen it where the CSV doesn't save the decimals

    2. Check the import settings for decimal delimiter in the initial mapping screen.  If they are not coming through it might be set to something other than "."


    I hope that helps





  • Hi,

    I have confirmed that the csv has the decimal information and that the decimal delimiter is a dot, and I am still losing the decimals.  Any other ideas?




  • @egc8r 


    And can you confirm the decimal places for that line item is not set to 0?



  • Hi, I have since changed the decimal places to 2, and things are working now.  I find it curious that a display setting affects the function of a load.  In any case, I consider my problem resolved.