Level 2 Sprint 2 Dashboard Samples


#1 Global Demand Assumptions Dashboard

The Global Demand Assumptions Dashboard Example has a line chart that is out of sync with the DEM03 grid displayed below it, but the course instructions specifically instruct us to "Sync the chart by Account and SKU". 


#2 Detailed Demand Review Dashboard

In light of the above, should the data results I'm seeing in the sample of the Detailed Demand Review Dashboard match my results exactly?


Since the values/screenshots provided in the training inconsistently match what the trainee would see in their own model (as with #1), that makes for a confusing experience.


  • Misbah



    1. Yes it should be in sync with Accounts & SKU. If you think it isn't please activate the synchronization in the dashboard designer panel

    2.Yes the data should match. Although you may be some minor rounding issues that's ok but overall the numbers should match mostly


    Hope that helps

  • Hello,


    Were you able to get the exact matching results?



  • Younes

    Hello @Misbah ,

    Thnaks for your insights. I am facing some issues since the data in the dashboards doesn't match with example. My DEM03 looks like the example (data matches) : 


    That means my formulas worked well for calculating the forecasts. But when i try to look for the result for All Account, All SKU the result is different from that is displayed in the dashboard : 


    So naturally my dashboard is wrong. Could you help me please ? It's like the aggregation is not working correctly


  • Hi @Younes

    The 2 DM03 screenshots you provided below are the same. I was expecting to see a different dashboard where the data is not matching so I can help figure out where the discrepancy is.
    If you can provide another screenshot that would be helpful.

    In the meantime here is a point that may help. If your data on the lower level of a hierarchy (List of time) matches but it doesn't on a higher (aggregated) level, then the issue is not in the formula as much as it is in the summary method.

  • Hi @nicole.johnson 


    Usually, the data provided in the screenshots should match your data in the model.
    Except, a little bit further in the training, it won't match but they will explicitly mention that.