Export Data Sources


Hi Team, Colleagues,


I don't know if this has been brought up by now as I am not able to see any similar topic.


Is there any possibility to check export data source, especially Module saved view it's pulling from? If not, are there any plans of upgrading to this feature? For us, would be a life saver as we use multiple saved views and export actions and sometimes is pretty difficult to follow all the views in order to reach to the source of the export. 


  • Hi @Alexandru.Rosca 


    Great question! 


    As a model builder you are able to see an export action in the settings tab under actions, scroll down to export headed section.

    Here you can see which module the export is pulling from. 

    You can't see the saved view unfortunately.

    The only way around this is to run the export and check the export file against the data in the saved views.

    However as there is a notes section by the export it is best practice to manually write in a brief description such as the saved view name. 


    But since this functionality is not currently available you could suggest it as a development on the idea exchange and you'd have my support for it.


    I hope this helps!





  • @Alexandru.Rosca 

    I was going to say the same - Idea's exchange is the way to go.  We can then track the request


  • Hi Usman,


    Thanks for your support, I am aware we can see the source module but not the view it's using. Going forward we may be using notes for each action, but is no 100% reliable when having to maintain dozens of export actions, notes being a manual input the admins need to take care each time they make adjustments. 


    Also, thanks for the tips, I'm gonna try to Idea exchange section to see if it goes through.