Adding a code to an item in a numbered list


I am working with the New UX and used "Form" to insert into a numbered list.  I do not want to depend on the end user to create the "code".  Is there a way to add the code to the list item via import?  Cannot import by code because the code does not exist yet.


With the Classic UX, I used a module to have the user enter applicable information, then calculated a code.  This calculated code was used in the import to the list.


Thanks in advance for ideas

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  • rob_marshall

    @hsich1020 ,


    I would think you would use the same technique, have a SYS module for that list, a line item for code, a line item that has the code logic, as well as a boolean to load the data.  If the code is blank, then the user will need to run an action which is based off the view using the boolean (isblank(code)).  And if the list is a numbered list, you can use the row member to be your anchor.


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  • I had that thought as well.  Initially my actions that worked on the Classic UX did not work for New UX, so I am tweaking the SYS module for adds