Questions for New UX


Hi everyone,

I was just exploring the new UX. So i have few questions:

  1. Like Classic Dashboard, we cannot use drill-down (F8) on worksheets & boards.
  2. Time summary columns are showing up in the beginning. (Starting from FY20, Q4 and then months..)
  3. Is New UX separate from workspace...? It does not take up space of workspace..?
  4. How will the ALM work, if we are using new UX..?

Can someone help me with these questions..?

Ankur Sonthalia


  • @Ankur.Sonthalia 


    1. Nope, we cannot. Atleast there has been no communication from Anaplan on this

    3. It doesn't eat up any space

    4.As of now ALM refreshes the underlying modules, which in turn refreshes your pages on NUX.


    Hope that helps