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Would it be possible to change the line items when building a table for a board in the NUX? Maybe somewhere on the select view page? In the meantime I suppose I have to reorder the line items in a saved view.

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  • The only way I know how is to perform this in a saved view as you have described.

  • It would be very helpful to be able to re-order items, as in classic.  We also have found that when the top level in a list is de-selected, the order goes to show the totals at the top.  There is no other way that we have found to control this.

  • agreed. We need the ability to select hide/unhide versions/line items easier as well as rearranging the order.

  • This would be a very useful capability, especially for end users w/o model building licenses. This would allow them to reorder their line items in their own personal view, creating more flexibility and personalization options. 

  • please record this in the idea exchange. the dev team is actively developing on NUX so it can come fast !
  • how can we change line items order in saved view..every time I click reorder it opens all line items of default view and not just ones in saved view

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    As the Anaplan Platform exists today, reordering in the model Saved View is correct. By doing it in the Saved View, it provides the next builder with exactly what was intended to be published directly from within the Model and it does immediately push the change to the UX for that environment. Understandably, an ALM tag will be needed for the view change whereas with a page change, immediate results would display.

    This topic is regarding publishing a Saved View or creating a Custom View in the UX. If the Custom View route is chosen; then yes, this capability exists within the UX as a Reorder feature:

    There are benefits of Custom Views. There is the benefit mentioned above as well as line item esthetic formatting options that are not available outside of UX and likely a limited number of other benefits.

    The current solution to the posted issue is, if building Custom Views in the UX is preferred, then use a Custom View. But it is prudent to give consideration into why a Custom View is required. It is not required in this issue raised. And this response is given with sensitivity that it would be ideal for adjustments like reordering be made in a UX Saved View; totally agree.

    I hope this helps.