Deletion of orphans in list with selective access by non WSA user


How can the non WSA users delete the orphan records from the list where selective access is enabled? For exmaple if there is Production list and selective access enabled, there are orphans created as part of update in hierachy items. The non WSA users cannot delete the orphans due to selective access. Is there any way where we can delete th



  • @Anilkumarch ,


    To answer your question, end users who don't have full access will not be able to delete those orphaned members due to selective access.  The only way to delete the members is via the "Delete from list using Selection"  action run by the workspace admin (create a module dimensionalized by the list, create a boolean line item with the formula:  isblank(parent(item(list))).  Second, I would suggest the action that populates this data be given a second look as this should not happen.  All actions should be coming from a view (not a List), where the view uses a filter making sure only the members


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  • Hi Rob,


    Thanks for your response, it helps me.