All Planning for All P̶e̶o̶p̶l̶e̶ Monsters

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Planning was scary for Karen, a supply chain manager for an international supplier of monster goods. That is... until she learned about how Anaplan can help her accelerate decision-making.


Be more like these monsters and learn how you can accelerate your decision-making:


Thank you to everyone who made this video possible!

@KayneSchwarz and @JamiesonC for direction, screenplay, and cinematography. 

@noelle_murphy as Karen, the vampire.

@YelenaKibasova as the zombie, and for makeup and set decorations.

@willians.s as Frankenstein's monster.

@paul.huston as the mummy.

@Miran@HannahT@penny.springer, and @eryn.pluim as office monsters.

@AaronW as narrator.

@F.Murphy  as Executive Producer.

Special thanks to @daniel.louie, @Craig_Williams, @linda_lee_1, and @andrew_harris_1.



  • Had such a blast making this and playing the witch! Can't wait to see one for the holidays 🙂