Anaplan new UX - Can not find Form Designer


Hello community,


I am trying to create a form in the New UX but I can not find the Form Designer. When I create a Worksheet the '+' symbol is greyed out with the message: 'You don't have permission to add items'. Can somebody help?


Kind regards,

Jim Verhagen



  • Hello Jim,


    Have you tried making sure that you are set to Workspace Admin and that you have the proper permissions set up for the data set you are looking to interact with?

  • Hey Jim Verhagen Can you editing the worksheet, and then goto Edit Toolbar Actions, from where you have forms as the last section and you can create forms which directs you to the form designer page. As recommended, do check the roles as well in the model, but here you should be able to view the form designer Thanks Akhil
  • Hello Akhil Kohli,


    I can not find the Edit Toolbar Actions, could you show me a screenshot where it is located? Is it the '+' symbol? That is grayed out. 


    I have full access to all models, my assignments are:

    View Admin

    Tenant Admin

    Proces Owner

    Page Builder

    Tenant Auditor

    Workspace Admin

  • Hi Jim,


    This comes when you edit your worksheet by the pencil icon next to your context selectors.

    Edit these and you will get Edit Toolbar Actions, from here goto the Forms and from there you will be able to create/enable forms.

    This is for the page builders.


    Edit Toolbar.pngForms.pngForms2.png




  • Just came across this article. I consider Forms a very powerful feature in NUX... yet it's still one of the most hidden ones.

    Is there a reason why Anaplan isn't promoting it better?

  • we were all surprised when we discovered how hard it is to get there. will use this thread to feedback the UX team

  • Hi @jim_verhagen 


    Its not clear if this has been answered sufficiently so here is my two pennies worth.

    The form designer is accessed via a new action card set up as per the below;




    From here you can create and then save as a template to use throughout you app design.



  • Hello Chris,


    Thanks for your reply, this new feature has solved the problem of having to make a worksheet to be able to make new forms.


    Kind regards,

    Jim Verhagen