Dependent Dropdowns + Selective Access (hierarchy)


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I am trying to create dependent drop-downs (picklists) for a Region/Sub-Region/Country hierarchy on an input dashboard, with selective access applied. Ideally, users should only be able to select Regions to which they have access, then Sub-Regions within the specified Region to which they have access, then Countries within the specified Sub-Region to which they have access. 


The problem is that users have access to different levels of the hierarchy (e.g. one user may have access to an entire region, while someone else only has access to a single country.) Applying selective access + dependent dropdown gives an empty list to the low-level users, because they do not inherit access to the parents for the dropdown.


Furthermore, while Region and Sub-Region are required fields, Country is not required. This prevents us from simply requiring an entry of Country and using formulas to pull Region/Sub-Region.


Any ideas? I'm thinking I can do this by creating a second Country list (flat, with a Sub-Region property), however this would require maintaining user access to both lists and risking having them fall out of sync. I'm hoping there's a simpler solution out there that wouldn't be as annoying maintenance-wise. I really don't want to over-engineer a workaround for something that feels so simple.



  • Hi,


    When I read this my thnking is a role/dashboard per access level


  • @nathan_rudman Thanks for the reply but can you elaborate what you mean? As far as I can see, creating more roles/dashboards just increases the admin/maintenance work without solving the issue of the dropdowns.



  • Typically we do role by level of access: Region Manager, Area Manager, Country Manager and the dashboards accordingly.


    Thus a country manager would have a dashboard with only the country selector, with the selective access activated. 

    The Area manager will have Area selector AND country, with their respective selective access.


    So yes that means a little bit more work on the line item and the final formula to gather it all but it should work

  • HI @helennie,

    We had faced the similar problem. I will try to explain my case and see if that might help you as well. We have the hierarchy as Geo--> CMT--> Dist--> Accts. We have selective access enabled at top three levels. Now in a dashboard we have 3 selection for Geo , CMT and Dist and based on this selection the grid dimension by Accts will be updated. Here we have used selective access as well as dependent dropdown to the selection fields. For Geo leads it is straight forward but coming to CMT and Dist Managers, they won't be able select the Geo(As their access has been restricted to CMT and Dist level) and cos of that they will not be able to select their respective CMTs or Dists. Hence here we have enabled one more option called 'Allow access to unfiltered items' to Geo and CMT selection field. If a user try to select the other Geo which he not belongs to still he wont be able to see any data in the below grid as 'Accts' is the least level of the hierarchy and selective access is enabled at the top level.


    This is how we tackled the issue. You can try the same way. You have to guide the users and our customer is happy with this solution.


    I hope this helps!!



  • @kavinkumar Thanks for the reply! I hadn't looked at the 'Allow access to unfiltered items' option before but it's very good to know.


    Unfortunately it does not work as well in my case because it's an input dashboard (users are entering Region etc.) and we need to prevent users from entering items that they do not have access to. But, it will definitely be useful to keep in mind for the future. Thanks again!