API Invocation failed


Hi Anaplanner,


I want to import list to list form another workspace, but I get error API invocation failed: HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized,

how to fixing?


Thank you


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  • Hello @Panji ,


    Status 401 unauthorized means there is an Access issue to the source model. I would double check the following:


    1. Are you logged in as Single Sign On (SSO) user or through the Anaplan online login portal? If you are logged in as a SSO and the source model requires you to login through the online portal you will receive this error.

    2. Double check and make sure your access for the model wasn't modified.

    3. Your session might have expired try reauthenticating


    Let me know if these suggestions help, If not I would suggest contacting support@anaplan.com and provide details with your source and target model import details and we can further look at your specific case.

  • @Panji 

    I was going to say the same as @ankit_bhargava.

    I also believe you need to be a workspace admin in both workspaces. 

    Make sure you have that level of access.