CA Certificate Authentication and Forced Password Resets


Hi Experts.

My client is concerned about the 90 day password reset for their system IDs. If they switch to using a CA (certificate authority) will they still need to reset the password for the system ID they associate the certificate to? I didn't see anything in the documentation about it so I thought I would ask here.


The system ID is used in two places. The first is within Informatica using the connector (not HyperConnect, just the regular connector). The other is when using Anaplan Connect 1.4. 


If they still must reset the password, can they use SSO? Any other options?


Thanks, hope you all can shed some light on what my client should expect and what are their options.



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  • @JaredDolich 


    I think System ID has to be set for No Expiration from company's Network team. Not sure if there is anything that CA will dictate anything.




  • @Misbah thank you for the response.

    I'm still a little confused though.

    Will Anaplan still authenticate the system ID if the password expired and they are using a CA?

    Will SSO solve the problem, as you suggest?

  • Hi,

    I don't think the certificate is linked to the password, that would make no sense (the goal of the certificate is NOT to use the login/password). the CA will issue private/public keys and that's what the certificate uses.