New UX items brought up to me by one of my clients


Below are a few additional items we found in the new UX we wanted to bring to your attention. When will these items be available?

  1. There is no drill down feature in new UX.
  2. Cannot open source module in new UX dashboards.
  3. When in the Administration function for the new UX, when scrolling through Users or Access Controls, you are not able to scroll through all the users, it says “Loading” then scrolls back to the top of the list.


  • Robinsalk, thanks for the feedback responses below:

    1) We are scheduled to start work on drill down soon. One potential workaround in the interim is to create your own drill down via navigation link between cards.

    2) We have the option to open a model from a page. Navigating direct to the underlying module in the model has some technical challenges so is unlikely to be available soon. You can see some of the Module info in the Card designer.
    3) I think you are referring to the Administrator here. This is a separate area to the New UX but it sounds like you have hit a potential bug so it might be worth logging it with support.