Presenting data from different models


Hi all,

Is there somewhere that details the different ways in which data from two or more separate models can be used/displayed within the new UX?

I'm in the early stages of a new project and need to weigh up if I can just use the new UX to display data from different models in a way which meets our end-users needs or whether I will have to go the traditional route of combining the two models.




  • Data from different models can be displayed on separate "Pages".  The Model is selected when creating a Page.  I cannot find a way to include data from different models on one Page.


    Hope this helps

  • Just to add: you can however link to a different page within a board or worksheet which than can be linked to a different Model, even Workspace. 

  • You can connect to each page to only one source model at a time .


    However, you can create an app and have multiple pages in an app .Different pages in an app can connect to different source models.