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We have a reports pack in excel which used the excel add in to link to various Anaplan modules.  I recently created a copy of the model to run a scenario in but am not able to change my reports pack to link to this model rather than the usual live one.  Does anyone have any experience of how to change which Anaplan model a spreadsheet looks to or any advice to get round this without creating the reports pack from scratch again?


Many Thanks

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  • CallumW
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    Hi Richard,


    As far as I am aware, you cannot subsitute a model for a "copy" of a model using the Excel Add-in and refresh the data without setting up a new connection, although you are able to connect to a new model inside the same workbook with a new connection.


    If you think this should be an enhancement, you can raise the idea here: https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Idea-Exchange/idb-p/AnaplanIdeas






  • Thanks Callum - I will suggest this as a future enhancement. 

    I understand why this may be an issue if dimensions and structure of models change after they are copied but if you take a copy of a model to run a different scenario in it is frustrating to have to rebuild all the reports packs up from scratch.