How to import multiple header rows into a module?


The import file is an export file from a module that I am working on. There are several header rows that I need to import into the module. How can I do this?


   Jan 19Jan 19Jan 19Jan 19Feb 19Feb 19Feb 19Feb 19Mar 19Mar 19Mar 19
N/AEphany, LLC7211 -  Content / Creative0 0 0 0 48,000 48,000
N/AExtron5110 -  Cost of Goods Sold - Hardware350 350 0 0 1,502 1,502
N/AFedEx - Autodebit7770 -  Freight Expense (non COGS)0 0 0 0 0 0


  • @kdoan There should be a choice for line items when you go through the mapping. This will allow you to apply a dimension to a row header.

    I've never tried to import multiple dimensions so you may have to break that up into to loads.

  • If this is a module-to-module import and you need to map all the dimensions from Module A to Module B, you can create a saved view in Module A with the dimensions in the page instead of the columns. If you import that saved view, the dimensions will all be on the rows and mappable to the new module.


    Importing from saved views is often best for module-to-module imports because they can be optimized with filters, etc. and are less prone to breaking the import if updates are made to the module.


  • @kdoan


    I agree with @caleb.maxson . Module to Module Imports are way better in terms of performance and effectiveness. Here is the article from @DavidSmith  that may help you in understanding it factually. 





  • you can change your view to have them as page dimensions, the mapping will be easier then