Date of version start


please help

I've got versions with switchover:


2.Budget-mar 19 switchover

3.Forecast-June 19 switchover


I need to have 2 line items showing:

1. Budget start date

2. Budget end date


Best Answer

  • you can do this using the formula ISACTUALVERSION() for example.

    The switchover means in the past Anaplan considers it to be the actual version.


    So if you a line item like (with time and version dimension) in a module called SYS01: Time Filters:

    Detector = IF ISACTUALVERSION() then 1 else 0

    Switchover date(date formatted,time summary: first non blank) = if detector = 0 and previous(detector) = 1 then start() else blank

    That gives you the date.

    Now you need to extract that into a module without time like SYS02: Time Settings:

    'SYS01: Time Filters'.Switchover date[select:time.all periods]


    You can find this in the time filters app available on the app hub



  • Hi,


    personally, I don't understand your question. Are you asking how to get the switchover date into a line item ?

    but that won't give you budget end

  • Hi!

    Yes, you got me right, I need to get the Switchover date to the line item. That gives me a budget start date, then I will add 365 days to the start date, thus I will have the budget end.


  • Hi,


    I am considering you are referring start date as switch over date.

    If yes, then below is the solution to get the start date(Only start date)


    1. Create 2 line items say Switchover Month Calculate (Month Format,Formula Scope: Actual Version) and Switchover Month(Month Format, Formula Scope: All Version)

    2.Write the formula as ITEM(Time) for Switchover Month Calculate line item


    3. Now in Switchover Month line item, write the formula as "Switchover Month Calculate[SELECT: VERSIONS.Budget, SELECT: TIME.All Periods]

    All period will show currently June 19



    4. Create another line item say Current Switchover and write the formula as Switchover Month + 1, this will give you the Jul 19 as your switchover month.




  • Easy and elegant!

    Thank you!!!!