Internal Learning on Demand

Hi - does anyone know if the Anaplan Learning Center is compatible with Learning on Demand Platforms (i.e. Cornerstone (CSOD))? 


I'd like to be able to track enrollment and group with other internal on-boarding trainings. 




Best Answer

  • @matthewshields    If you reach out to your Business Partner, they can provide you with your teams progress.  DM me if you need more information!





  • Hi @matthewshields 


    The learning centre is its own platform and is only accessible via an internet brower and does not integrate with any other platforms.

    It is possible to review the members of your teams training progress currently only available to partners but i'm assuming this could be made available to you too?. 


    @KayneSchwarz  do you know who runs the learning centre and whether it is possible for a customer to review their teams training progress? 





  • @usman.zia, that's a great question for @ChrisMullen
    Is this possible, Chris?