Getting a message Model object is not found


When I am trying to import data into model from data hub, I am getting this

"Model object 'module name'.'export' could not be located.


I checked in model, everything looks good. 



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  • usman.zia

    The error you are facing @pradeep is due to a change of location of an item or source in your import process.


    But don't worry if you check all of the elements involved in the import process you will be able to resolve it.


    This could be due to many different reasons. 


    If the import is from a data hub you should check the import action associated with this error.

    Go to the action and use 'edit' if an error appears it means the link is likely to be broken and you will need to recreate the import process. 


    If this is not the case and a pop up appears showing the options for the creation of the import you should check to see if there any yellow ! marks by any mappings as this could be an error and then again you will need to re-create the import process. 


    Alternatively you should check the source module / file and make sure it agrees with the module you wish to import it into. 


    I hope this helps!






  • HI @pradeep,


    Sometimes it happens. Can you please close your entire browser and restart?



  • Hi,

    if you go into action tab -> imports tab 

    what's the source of the action you are running ?

  • @pradeep 


    Your source model might have changed its place. You may want to to check the mapping in SOURCE MODEL and direct it to the correct source. Also see if the module has not been deleted accidentally.




  • Data Hub
  • To be very specific,If you were importing from a saved view, if that saved view gets deleted then this problem will occur.

     Check the Source model too, from where you are trying to import.