Dynamic chart-2 Time line




I have 2 line items:

1. Actual revenue, data for the period: from jan19 to Sep 19

2. Budget revenue, data for the period: from sep19 to dec19

I need to build a chart, that will have one actual graph from Jan to Sep and another plan from Sep to Dec


The problem is that Anaplan uses values (which are zero) for the budget Revenue from Jan19 to Aug19 in the chart (Actual revenue line not uses zero values in the chart after Sep 19)


The result required is in the attachment (Blue Line)



  • @Vladimir 



    Not sure if I understood your requirement correctly. Is your requirement to generate two line graphs for two key figures (Budget & Actual) and Not taking Budgeted Zeroes into consideration while populating the line item chart for Prior Months. 

    Isn't there any number sitting in Budgeted cells for prior months?



  • Hi @Vladimir ,


    you could create a third line item "Actual & Budget Revenue" that takes "Actual revenue" for the closed months and "Budget revenue" for the open months and create a line chart with "Actual & Budget Revenue" and "Actual revenue" (in this order to have visible the split between closed and open periods in the graph).

    You should have a result similar to the example attached.






  • Hi Antonio!

    The point is that there should be an overlap for the last month of the actual and first month of the budget.

    The last month of the actuals is Sep 19 and the first month of the budget is also Sep 19.

    That is why I created 2 Line items


    Thank you.

  • Hi @Misbah !

    Yes, you got the point! I need to create two graphs not taking into consideration any zero values.

    There are no values for the budget prior month.

    See the attachment, how the data is looking like.

    Thank you.