Losing data from saved views & processes


Hi Team,


I have a process that exports three saved views from 3 modules, however when I run it, it doesn’t capture all the data that’s in the module. I think some line items are missing.


What is the best practice to either:

  • Ensure saved views are dynamic and update automatically for when new list items or line items get added
  • Edit your export or imports so the process picks up all the data.



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  • @Dahya 

    The best option is to use filters in the saved view.  These should be dynamic if new items are added

    Remember to have a single boolean filter per axis though and only include the line items needed for the import

    I hope that helps


  • be aware that whatever item selected from any page dimension you have when saving the export definition will always be selected, no matter filter or resaving the view after.

    better to put your dimensions as rows/columns, with filters as David explains.

    Or use tabular multi column format.