Sprint 3 - Missing Line items


While Verifying line item names in modules before sprint 3 exam,


SYS08 SKU Details. Supplied By

(in my model, i see only SYS08 SKU Details.Distribution Centre)

DAT01 Beginning Inventory.Produces SKU (i dont see this line item, i just have only one line item Beginning Inventory)


Can anyone confirm these line items comes through the course or prebuilt on the model. . Kindly check and confirm.








  • I agree, i only have Beginning Inventory, i don't recall adding this line item in any of the sprints...

  • i don't see this line item either.

    Is there any update on this?

  • Distribution Center is basically 'Supplied By'.




  • For SYS08 I decided to just change the name of the line item "Distribution Center" to "Supplied By".
    However, for DAT01 I do not believe we were ever instructed to created a line item named "Produces SKU".
    For Sprint 3 specifically I've also come across some line items in SYS01 that I did not have in the module: 'First Day of Period'; 'Last day of Period'; 'Weeks Only?'. I'm going back and reviewing to see where I may have gone off course but think we weren't explicitly instructed to create those line items. Perhaps instead they were necessary formulas for other line items to reference and maybe I accomplished it without needing those line items. Curious if anyone else had this issue.
  • Yes very true, if you compare the check your module and line item for Level 2 - Sprint2 and Sprint3. You will observe that Sprint3 has number of new line items that have never been added as part of the Model activity steps. See a big gap there, since these essential piece of line items are missing. Completion of Sprint3 is impacted. Also if preliminary requirement wanted candidates to build line items without seeking directions from training material, then the same instructions should have been communicated in the materials. 

  • Hey all,


    I have gone and fixed the mistake in sprint 3 - I removed the Supplied By and it says Distribution Center now. 




  • Hey Chris, 


    I still see some line items in "SYS01 Time Settings By Week" and "DAT01 Beginning Inventory" which i haven't made - as mentioned by others above. I am afraid these will result in some wrong answers in the sprint exam where we need to copy and paste the exact formula.