can we add time dimension to existing module?




If answer of above question is no then check below scenario-


I have to check Boolean format line item named "current year?" in the module which doesn't use time dimension. It has to check from other time period (month) formatted line item "Month" in the same module whose data has been uploaded through sheet. How can we get the check mark for "Month" having 2019 as year?



  • Hi @avinash_rai . There are two ways you can achieve this.


    You can create a system module (see the DISCO methodology, "S") with one line item and no dimensions. There you can enter the current month. In your other module where you need the Boolean you can lookup the line item in the system module. I highly recommend reading @DavidSmith article on DISCO. One of the best posts on the community site.


    Another way you can do this is to refer to the current period. CURRENTPERIODSTART(). this will return a date. Since you need a month, you can add the PERIOD function to that.  PERIOD(CURRENTPERIODSTART()).


    Generally speaking, best practice is to create a system module for time attributes like this. "Calculate once, Reuse Often". You might consider moving your Boolean to a system module and look it up when you need it instead of putting in your output module.


    Hope this helps.