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I am trying to create a model that pulls all the user information (Model roles, First Names etc) from each model in our system. This is really useful for Auditing purposes. Is there any way to import from the user lists in model settings to this model, or alternatively to create a dummy module in each model which pulls this information from the user settings which I can then in turn import into the new user model.


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  • rob_marshall
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    Funny you should ask about this as we are actively working on a model for exactly this which will be part of our L3 learnings.  We are planning on having two models, one from within the model and another like a User Hub where you can provision and report on all users in the system.  


    @Misbah  - is correct on the Tenant Admin, but one of the misses is Tenant Admin will only report on the users defined who have their default Anaplan tenant defined as that tenant.  Essentially, this means no contractors or partners will show up within Tenant Admin.


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    I think Tenant Admin has these features available where in he sees the users in each workspace and many other features which are helpful for auditing at Workspace level.


    Alternatively you can build it via model to model imports. There is no direct interaction with the Users lists, though