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 I have below scenario.


Need to do simple multi layer marketing model in which I need many levels and levels will increase with time and then do commission calculation according to different levels .


How to make a input module for this as input can be at any level .For example --Customer at level 1 can sell the product ,customer at level 3 can also sell the product and so on .


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  • DavidSmith


    It is not possible to enter data directly at a parent level of a hierarchy (unless you are using the break back functionality -


    So, there are two approaches

    1. You create an Input module dimensioned at the parent L1 level and the data can be entered there.  This total can then be modelled/allocated down to the lower levels if needed.  These modules can then be placed on the same, or different dashboards for the users

    2. Alternatively, you create a "flat" list, including all of the levels as "children".  Then all members are available for input.  you still have to do some modelling to map each flat member to the relevant member in the hierarchy. 

    It is best practice to create a system module dimensioned by the flat lists with line items formatted as each level.  That way you can map each flat member to any level in the hierarchy and model allocations accordingly if needed


    I hope that helps



  • @DavidSmith Thanks for quick response . 


    I tried using a flat list as input dimension and all levels as different line item . So that for each entry user can select the input level from the drop down in one line item and the parent in other line item . But my prob is still not solved .


    Here is the example of  scenario --

    There are 4 levels of customers 

    If level 4 sells a product ,upper levels get commision according to levels(immediate parent will get some commision ,then next parent and so on) .

    if level 3 sells a product ,upper levels get commision according to levels(immediate parent will get some commision ,then next parent and so on) .


    these level can increase in future .


    How to cascade this commision n upper levels and according to level of parents.


    Let me know if you need further details .

  • @shadmani 

    Based on the scenario you've outlined, the flat list will still work, but you will need separate module for each level. In the example here, we have 3 levels of a product hierarchy

    2019-11-20_09-29-03.pngWe create flat list of all members (including parents) and create a module with a line item for each level (formatted as the composite list).  Note that you map each member to itself at the appropriate level.  With a bit of logic you could automate this, but for now, I've just manually added the mappings 

    2019-11-20_09-49-09.pngLets assume we have the following data entry from the flat list


    For each level we can now sum the values using the mapping module as appropriate

    2019-11-20_09-43-15.png2019-11-20_09-46-35.pngThere are obviously many variations of this, but hopefully this illustrates the concept sufficiently for you to explore the options





  • @DavidSmith Thanks for the detailed Explanation. I'll try it out and let you know . 

    Many thanks again .