Formula to take 1 unit data to another


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I am trying to create a model to summarize the volume from the region and paste back into manufacturing unit, not sure what formula should work in this situation.


For example, Australia (Reporting Unit) and New Zealand (Reporting Unit) purchase plastic cup from Hong Kong (Manufacturing Unit) by 300 cases, I want to put this 300 cases back into Hong Kong (Reporting Unit). How can I create the formula to pick up all the demand 300 cases under Hong Kong (Reporting Unit) ??





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  • JaredDolich
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    Here's an example using @DavidSmith and @Misbah 


    You will want to set up system modules first for the manufacturing units and reporting units.

    See the DISCO method for more details.


    Here is the system module for manufacturing. Super simple.

    You will need this to do the Sum on demand.

    System Module.png

    Then we enter demand as you suggest up above.


    Next, you add a formula in your supply module that sums the demand by manufacturing plant.

    Demand = Demand[SUM: List formatted line item for manufacturing units]


    And the result: