How can we refresh a NUX page on the mobile app?



I have a question that I suspect does not have a solution (yet?). How can you refresh a New UX page on the Anaplan mobile app?

When you change context the page refreshes automatically. Until last Friday, that was all you could do on the mobile app, so you're covered. Since Friday, you can update boolean checkboxes. Now, I built a page where a graph has a filter driven by the checkboxes. When I update the checkboxes on a desktop, I can refresh the page and the graph refreshes.

- On the mobile app, there is no refresh button.

- If you add a text card "refresh" that is linked to the same page, it does not update the graph either. I tried it.

You can refresh by changing the context and then changing the context back to what it was but that really isn't great.

Is there an easy way to refresh the page on a mobile app, that I don't know off?

I am using a Galaxy S10+  / Android.

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  • Hi @Ari 


    I haven't seen this capability in the road map but it is a very valid point.

    Please could you give this feedback to the team either on community or by posting via the feedback button in the nex ux builder. If this is not on the roadmap then definitely post this in the idea exchange and you definitely have my support!


    However it is possible to solve this by creating a button that opens the dashboard. So you do this or create button that navigates you to another dashboard and then navigate back to the original dashboard and this would refresh. Probably not the most efficient solution but definitely a workaround for now. 







  • Ari

    Hi @usman.zia,


    Thank you for the feedback. Actually, I want to follow up on your comment because you raise a good question which is still an area of ambiguity for me.


    When you say an "Open Dashboard Button", I believe the action you are referring to only works for dashboards inside models not pages in the new UX. If you try to create an action in the model settings it will only let you do it for in-model dashboards ("Old UX").


    From what I understand, navigation between pages on the new UX can be done by hyperlink. You can link any card to a page. I did this by making text cards that link to pages. However, the chart will not refresh unless you change the context selectors.


    If there is any other way to navigate with a button between pages in the new UX app? I don't remember it from the new UX class.


    Thank you!


  • @Ari 


    Even I feel that there is nothing of that sort in mobile app. It could be great if we have that feature


    @usman.zia Refresh feature (via open dashboard buttons) is true for Old UX - not sure if there is anything similar to that in NUX. Is there anything that we are missing here.



  • Hi @Ari and @usman.zia .  I see there is a related Idea Exchange post:


    That post discusses both mobile and desktop: but I think the consensus of it is that we'd like a refresh capability in the mobile version.