MLM Implementation


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Anyone has idea about MLM (Multi Layer Marketing ) model Implementation in Anaplan . Or is there any App available ? I am not able to find any app in App hub.


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  • I need to understand the use case in further detail to be able to provide further guidance i.e. what aspect of MLM will the model address?



  • @amit.paul1 ,thanks for your response . I did something to implement MLM . It was based on pyramid selling  where you have multiple layer of customers and commission is to be allocated according to level of customers.

  • Hi @shadmani 


    Does that mean you have already found your solution?


    If not, i would suggest that you create a mock up of what you're trying to achieve on Excel, and then share the screen shots here.




  • @LipChean_Soh , yes found the solution already 🙂