Initial page / default value functionality in new UX?


I'm in charge of transferring some dashboards into the new UX, and the beginning is going well. 

That said, I have a visual that needs to default to show the top level parent in a customer hierarchy and it keeps defaulting to the first customer in the list. (I'm using a custom view here.) 

In the old UX, the model builder did this by setting the "initial page" setting (see screenshot).


Does anybody know if this is possible to do in the new UX? 

If not, how do we get this on the roadmap?

It's fine as long as I go in and set it, but then if you go back to edit the card, it defaults again to the first customer. I see this getting messed up in the future when I'm not the only model builder in this app. 


  • Hi @swoods93 


    Thanks for contributing your issue! 


    Currently this feature does not exist for making a default list item selection in the new UX. 

    The default appears to be the first item in the list. 


    New ideas from users for the roadmap can be posted in the idea exchange:


    Create a post and describe the idea and functionality.

    Then post the link and i'll be sure to support and vote for your idea and if not I can post on your behalf in the week.


    I hope this helps!







  • Ari

    I have the same issue.


    I am happy to support this idea. The item is default is really needed.


    Thank you

  •  Thanks for creating this idea in the idea exchange! For others looking to support this idea here is the link: New UX ability to select default list item dimensions. 

  • FWIW, we have found that if you set the "Use Top Level as Default" box in the list configure tab, the selector does default to that top level.  Not the same as picking a default but that seems to help for some use cases.