Feature to input text or file attachment at line item level


Hi All,


I am faced with a requirement where when a planner enters manual adjustment, to factor in local knowledge into the forecast baseline, planners are expected to enter supporting details like text or even attach file for the particular line item. 


Is there a way to accommodate file attachments at line item level? 


E.g. Ina  particular Region, Product and Sales intersection, planner will attach a file to support the adjustment to Sales projections by attaching any pdf or other file formats.


Thank you!



  • @rohitjana ,


    Sorry, that is not possible at this point in time.

  • Hello @rohitjana 


    There is a workaround though.


    Mention to your customer that Anaplan is not a file storage platform, if the customer has subscription to any of the cloud storage platforms like Box, Google drive, Microsoft OneDrive, they could upload there and maintain a link in Anaplan.


    As i know, the other demand planning solutions does the same.