Model Mode tooltips on new Home page


As a general comment - loving the new Home page, and there's been a really positive reaction from the end users who have seen it so far.

That said there is one serious issue with it at present.  The new Home page very helpfully shows an icon for each model to indicate the model 'Mode' - but much less helpfully this seems to be the 'mode' from Tenant Administration and not from Manage Models.  The consequence of this is that all Deployed models will show as 'Production' in the tooltip on the new Home page (and Standard models are 'Unlocked', etc).

We've got various situations where models will be deployed in non-Production/pre-Production workspaces so this is not just misleading, it's fairly problematic for efficient model governance.  Can we keep the icon and the tooltip (big thumbs up for this) but make sure it's reflecting the true Model mode from Manage Models?