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I'm trying the new UX on a model where I already have a classic dashboards. In the classic dashboards I have several filters based on "filter-modules", are there any clever way to set up these filters in the new UX or should I have a different approach in the new UX?




  • NUX shouldn't really change the way you model. Housing filters in modules is good.

    You have to decide if you prefer building the view with the filters applied in the MB interface and then use this view directly in NUX or simply display the module and re-apply the filters in NUX.

  • Thanks for reaching out @nathan_rudman!

    However, one more question: If I simply display the module and want to re-apply the housing filters, how do I add those filters in NUX?
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    When you are creating a page and you select the underlying module or saved view you will find  there on top right corner. 




    Click on it you will see get options of filtering



    Hope that helps


  • Thanks @Misbah 

    I am aware of the filter options you are referring to, but I have some filters based on filter modules in my classic dashboard. Do you know how I can add them to the NUX? 

    These are the filters I currently have in my classic DB (basically the end user can choose which FY, month, week etc they want to work with):
    Thanks again! 🙂

  • you need to use the card "Field" for these (or else you could just publish them as a grid)

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    As @nathan_rudman suggested, you will have to use Field cards to achieve that.



  • Thank you 🙂
  • Okey, I see. Thanks 🙂
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    Headsup though.....You will have to refresh the page once you change the dropdown in the Field Card. It won't refresh the page automatically and it behaves the same way how picklists behave on the classic dashboard (Hit Refresh)




  • smaddi

    Is there anything equivalent to Open Dashboard Action that we can use for NX?
    I am looking for a way to have users click a button to reload the New UX dashboard rather than manual refresh...