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Hi Team,

I am currently working on Optimization Exercise Model. In Network Optimization Objective/Variables Dashboard, I ran the Process Network Optimizer but I didn't see any results in below Grids. 

Please let me know where did I go wrong. 



  • @prash248 


    Can you please be more specific. Post your specific query community will try to help.What are your Inputs, variables, constraints etc


    However if you are trying to work on the Anaplan provided Network optimization exercise here is the file that might help. If you are still not getting the output then I would narrow down my efforts on this screen esp on Variable Range - min and max





  • Thanks Misbah,

    May I know where can I find those MIN & MAX(Range for Variables, constraints) Options in the Optimization Exercise Model?

  • Hello

    Those ranges are for you to set depending on your problem.

    For instance, if you have a maximisation problem and you don't set an upper limit, the problem will be unbounded. 

    So you need to set bounds.

    If you have a production variable, you know that the quantity produced needs to be positive and you can't produce more than X quantity for a week.


    Dihya Atmani

  • @prash248 


    It depends what you are trying to achieve. When you are sure that you have built the optimizer correctly and you still don't get the result it can mean that optimizer has come up with multiple answers but since you haven't set the ranges it doesn't throw any output. Generally I keep min limit as zero but that might not be true for all cases.






  • Hi Misbah,

    Where can I keep those (Range) limit in my model?

     My Objective Function is to minimise cost.

  • @prash248 


    When you create action it will ask you to select min or max value of your variable.




  • we have wrote the formula for Constraints and build the action optimiser. we have publised that action in dashboard and ru the process but still we are not getting the values for variables


    Could you please guide on the same?

  • Could you please publish snapshots of your variables definition, constraint definition, objective function and how the optimiser action was set, please? 

  • @prash248 


    As @dihya.atmani  requested. Share your constraints, Variables, Objective function and most importantly snapshot of optimizer action