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Hello Team,
Recently I analysed 2 app related to insurance industry ie., Planning budgeting and forecasting for insurance and premium modeling. So I would like to know if there is any connection between those two apps.



  • @keerthi_malathkar here's some possible suggestions.

    Keep in mind that the best way to determine the similarities between these two is to read through the user stories if they are available.

    If they don't exist, you should seriously consider the Anaplan Way, and build up your master bucket as a way to capture the requirements.

    Sometimes companies, or project teams, will even document the process which could help you as well.


    Forecasting and Budgeting usually refers to the process of predicting the future revenue and costs of the Company. This can be at any level but ideally there is a top down / bottom up approach.

    Premium modeling may refer to the process of establishing rate cards for various customer segments, perhaps even down to the individual based on statistical factors. Life and Auto are the most popular, perhaps both. Some insurance companies will buy the rate cards from larger insurance companies and want to load those in, usually by zip code. 


    You can also check out the App Hub. There's usually apps for just about everything there.


    Good luck @keerthi_malathkar . Sounds like a great project!

  • I believe the idea was:
    - PBF is the full planning cycle with expenses
    - Premium modeling is a very detailed example on how to calculate revenue

    You can link the two, using PBF for your planning, make de detailed topline planning in premium modeling and import it into your PBF.