what are the causes to have? :  Unsupported Operation 'Filter'  when we filter a column on a board in a dashboard


when we filter a column on a board in a dashboard


thank you in advance for your help



  • Best guess - check that the filter is enabled.

    Other possibilities:

    • Did the user try to create an invalid filter in the quick filter?
    • Also, check the user's security - there may be a module or list that they don't have permission to modify/filter in this case.
    • Might be the cause.
    • If you have a screenshot of the error, it may help to determine the cause.



  • @Walid 


    That is too broad a topic to comment upon unless there are any supporting documents. Here is my version of the same error  while replicating the issue.

    I was trying to force Anaplan to make some changes while it was already performing some change in the background i got this error.



    Although it doesn't answer your query but it gives you an idea what might be the root cause. If you are still facing the issue kindy post the issue with some screenshots.




  • @Walid ,


    Can you please post a picture of how the filter is defined?

  • I used the Dynamic Subset int item  ,

    I think the problem is because of this
    what is your opinion


  • I used the dynmaic subset  in items I think the problem is due to this what is your opinion?





  • this happens when an applied filter has become invalid due to a dimension change.

    Go back to the module, reset the view, blank the filters, de-apply them and re-publish the module.

  • Hi @Walid 


    I found that going back to the module then data > filter and you can then remove the null entries


    Hope that works for you