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Hi Team,

How can we publish Selected Line Item to Dashboard in New UI?

Please help.


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  • Misbah
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    Hope the filtering problem is resolved.If not then can you please let us know if you are filtering it in NUX or is already filtered in the source module (Saved View)


    On Boolean check - If you are able to check that boolean in source module you should be able to do the same anywhere else. Can you please check show us your source module. Gotta do something with it




  • Hi,
    to reproduce this you should use the card named "Field" in the NUX. I can be one or several line items into one "field card"
  • Thanx Nathan.


    But my Line Items are list formatted and Boolean formatted. they are not working  fine in NUX.

  • @prash248 

    Publish Field cards for your requirement and make sure you REFRESH the Page (Board or Worksheet). It won't refresh automatically.


    Hope that helps


  • In the attached Image, Display Month is List Formatted & Show Months is Boolean. Even after refreshing its not working fine.

  • @prash248 


    Can you please follow these steps and see if this works -

    1. Go to your source module and check two line items that you want to publish.


    2. Go to NUX, Create a Page (Make sure you map it to correct workspace and model)  and insert the Field Card, Click on Configure.

    3. Choose module ( Module 1 in my case) and enable the line items


    4. Add the card and publish it.

    Here is the final output





  • thanks Misbah.


     I am performing Time filtering in NUX. If I select FY19 in Display Year only that data in FY19 should be displayed & Show months is bollean type, I am unable to check it. 

  • in the screenshot you showed us, the line items are not boolean formated nor time period