Certificate Expiration

It looks like the current model building certificates have a note that the certificate is valid for only 2 years after issue. Is the expectation that model builders will have to re-take the course or that there will be some sort of different re-certification course/test? What about certificates issued prior to the new training course which do not indicate they expire?


  • @bdeaton 


    As the platform changes and adapts, we will be pushing out more courses to make sure that our certified resources are up to date with the latest best practices and enhancements.  The old certifications such as Introduction to Model Building, are no longer valid as we have pushed out a new platform learning path. 



  • Plus when you recruit you know that someone is up to date and if you're already pretty experienced then they aren't particularly arduous to complete. Plus personally it's a really good way to ensure that you're building in the right way.