Synchronising Module Line Item with Page on same Dashboard


Hi Guys,


I have a dashboard with a grid for users to setup Promotion Entries. The module behind this grid has a numbered list called Promotions and the line items in the module are used as references in the property formulas for this List.


I have another grid in the same dashboard with the Promotions and Customer lists included. The user can input data in Periods for each Promotion and Customer combination. 


My question is: Is it possible to sync the Customer in the line item of first grid with the page selector for Customer in the second grid. For example if the user selects the Promotion line item it would automatically sync with the Promotion page and customer page in the grid below. Is there any way to apply this filter selection based on the fact that the Customer is a property of each Promotion List item?


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  • yes it, if it is the same list (which it looks like it is)
    Edit the dashboard, click on the second module. Now on the left panel you should see the list of dimensions for this module. For your customer dimension, make sure "Synchronized Paging" is check and that should be it.
  • Hi Nathan,


    Thanks for the reply.


    The first grid has the Customer list as a list formatted line item, its not in the page selector so it won't sync that way. I was hoping that it would be possible to sync the list formatted line item with the page selector of the second grid or somehow filter the customer in the second grid which is a property of the Promotion setup grid. 

  • Hi Michael


    You might be able to do this if you add a filter to the second module.


    If you create a new module which applies to Promotions and Customers (no time/versions) with a single boolean line item (called 'Filter?' or similar) with the formula 'Promotion Tracker.Customer = ITEM(Customer)', then use this line item as the filter on the second module does that do the trick?  It doesn't synchronise the page selector, but it should limit the Customer selector to the Customer which relates to the selected Promotion.



  • Chris,

    Thanks a million, that worked for me.

    I hadn't thought "outside the box" in relation to using a second module as a dashboard filter but it makes perfect sense 🙂